Thursday, October 1, 2015

to dallas for a baby and a wedding

In June, Nana came for a visit and was kind enough to stay with the boys while Zach and I took Nora to Dallas.  The main reason was to go see my sister and meet baby Helen.
 We were all pretty excited about her.
 We even took her out of her comfy little house for a sweaty adventure to White Rock Lake.
Can you tell how hot it was by looking at these two?

 Needless to say that part of the trip didn't last long and we promptly went to get popsicles and cool down a bit.
 Then we got to visit a recording studio where Uncle Gene was working on some recordings for his upcoming Que Pastas album.  Not only did we get to listen we got to participate.  Erin and I both felt like Liv Tyler in "That Thing You Do" because we got to do some clapping, but the highlight was Nora singing part of "Pet Alligator."  We don't know for sure if it worked, but it was pretty cute.
 Of course, when we are in Dallas we always make time to visit Grandma and Grandpa Sobey.
They were pretty thrilled with Nora and she warmed right up to them.

 The reason we chose this particular weekend to visit was because one of Zach's best friends from college was getting married.  Eric was in our wedding and we really wanted to be there for his big day.  He also happens to be Nora's godfather so we were glad we got to bring her along.  
 As I explained in my last post, it was actually Nora's birthday, but we switched celebrations with our anniversary.  My sister and her mother-in-law were kind enough to babysit Nora for the reception so we could go to the reception and have a real date.  We had fun seeing some old UD friends and actually meeting a few UDers that we didn't know that sat at our table.
 After the wedding, Zach had to get back home to teach summer school, but Nora and I got to stay four more days to hang out with Erin and Helen.  We managed to go on a few outings...
 But mostly we just hung out at the house and played with our babies.
Bess came to visit with her little girl Ingrid who is Nora's age. 
The little girls had fun together.  They played Cinderella and we got them to sweep the patio...
We were so happy to just hang out and keep Erin company.  Those early months are always a huge life adjustment, but she is a great mom and I am so happy for her.

Nora got some good Uncle Gene time in, too.
 We wish they didn't live far away, but it is nice to have them in Dallas now.
We hope we can make lots of visits.

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