Monday, October 5, 2015

san diego 2015

Our big vacation this summer was to visit Aunt Angie in San Diego.  It is one of my favorite places and it had been much too long since we visited.  The kids are always excited for a good road trip and all got a "magic" coloring book for the trip
We promptly went to Coronado beach upon arriving.  
It was overcast, but we Phoenicians get plenty of sun so we didn't mind.  It was glorious!
Angie had to work the second day so we decided to go to Legoland that day.  I took a lot of pictures there so I am just going to do that in another post. 
Friday we headed to the World Famous San Diego Zoo!
The baby gorilla on his mama's back was one of my favorites...
 I even overcame my fear of riding on the Sky Ride...
The polar bears were another favorite...
Saturday was the Forth of July so Angie thought it would be fun to ride the ferry boat over to Coronado to watch the parade there.
The kids all loved the boat ride.
They had fun at the parade, too.  The highlight might have been the Star Wars group.
There were tons of amazing planes and army vehicles that were also appreciate by the boys
Gus had fun attacking Aunt Angie and Nora entertained us all with her dancing...
We went to Pacific Beach after for a few hours....
That night we went to a party and watched fireworks from a rooftop.
We all were pretty exhausted after a long night, but still managed to get ourselves to mass at the Mission San Diego de Alcala.
It was founded by Junipero Serra who the Pope just made a Saint!
After Mass we went to a favorite restaurant of my mom's called The Huddle.  
It is just an old hole-in-the wall mom and pop shop with great breakfast.
Everyone loved it...
No really they did all love it.  Jimmy still talks about how much chicken and waffles he ate.  I was just happy I got to eat my mom's (and my) favorite: Grilled Bran Muffin.  It might not sound amazing, but it is.  It is not on the menu.  Just ask for it.
For our last beach day we went to La Jolla.  After a few hours playing at the beach, Zach wanted to watch the Women's World Cup game so Jimmy and Angie went with him to a restaurant, while I took Gus and Nora to see seals.  We got a pretty good viewing.  The were two sitting on this rock when we got there...
Then while we waited a whole bunch of them came up on the beach.
After the game we swung Jimmy back by the beach to see the seals so he wouldn't miss out.
We had such a great time and were so thankful to spend time with Aunt Angie and grateful to her for letting us stay at her apartment.  
I love family vacations!!

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  1. I love this post! And we have that same picture outside of the Mission. Though I had no idea Junipero Sera founded it.