Monday, March 23, 2015

christmas eve 2014

We were so blessed to have Aunt Natalie staying with us for Christmas.  
On Christmas Eve, we all went to mass at our church.  
Nora practiced her prayer hands ahead of time.
The kids all look forward to their post-church visit to Baby Jesus.
After we got home, Gus and Nora did an adorable dance performance on our coffee table...
The boys let Nora put Baby Jesus in the manager of our felt Advent Calendar.
The boys finally got to set up their train.
Apparently Nora thought it was crazy...
The kids all got to open a present from Mom and Dad.
This year it was books.  They each got one Christmas book and one other that we thought would be special for them:
King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table for Gus, Treasure Island for Jimmy, and Noisy Nora for Nora.
We did our best to get the kids in bed before it got too late, but before that they had to write a note to Santa to leave by the milk and cookies.

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