Sunday, March 8, 2015

a quiet thanksgiving at home

After some debate about driving to California to be with Aunt Angie for Thanksgiving, we all resolved that it would be best to just stay home and have a quiet day with Baabee as our guest.  We got to make all our own food, which we love to do because then we have tons of leftovers.  And that really is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving after all.  The kids were all very excited to help cook.  
Nora was quite the helper with the Green Bean Casserole...
She also is obsessed with all babies and loved this little message from her friend George...
Baabee and Zach handled the bird and quite a lot of things so my job wasn't too hard.
We watched the parade and football, but we also made it outside since the weather was quite nice.
We had a good game of croquet...
Baabee came out the winner....
Then it was time to eat!
We basically had enough leftovers to feed us for weeks, but we didn't mind.   
The rest of the long weekend was spent enjoying them, while we sorted and built tons of Legos...
On Friday we went to see Big Hero Six with the Burches and they came over to help with our leftover situation.  
Thanksgiving is definitely becoming more of a favorite holiday because it is the only one were I feel like I actually get to relax.
That is what holidays definitely need more of in my opinion.

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