Monday, February 23, 2015

how jimmy (and zach) won the pinewood derby

 Jimmy has been loving the Cub Scouts this year.   When we originally asked him whether he wanted to do it, he asked us what it was and what they would do.  When we mentioned the Pinewood Derby he was sold.  He was really looking forward to it.... and so was his dad.  Jimmy debated forever about what his design should be.  He and Zach finally came up with how they wanted to cut it and Jimmy got to help with the sawing.
Then Zach put him hard at work sanding it down.
 Then it was time for Dad to get crazy!  He spent numerous hours online researching how to make your car the fastest.  Then it was time to put it all into practice.  Apparently, that involved headlamps and wine...
They carefully polished the axles and waited the back with pennies...
They were both pretty into it, but Dad might have been a bit more.
They carefully examined each one and then purposely made the car only lay on 3 wheels to avoid friction.  The physics teacher in Zach was having so much fun.
After all the physics lessons, Mom supervised the painting process, but Jimmy did it all himself and chose a Phoenix Suns design.  He did this unknowing of the fact that his Uncle Danny once won a Pinewood Derby with his Suns "Thunder Dan" car.
 When the big day finally came we didn't know what would happen.  There were lots of good looking cars, excited kids, and over-zealous parents (but my husband most of all).
When the Scout Master first put Jimmy's car on the track he almost sent it back because he thought the wheels were going to fall off.  He asked Zach if it was like that on purpose and, of course, Zach assured him it was. He was pretty surprise to see old "crazy wheels" keep winning.   
 Jimmy did finally lose once, but then came back to win the loser's bracket.
 Then he was put up against the kid who was undefeated.  When he lost the first race it seemed unlikely that he could make a comeback...
 Then my embarrassing husband insisted that the Scout Master switch the lanes.  He said he would move them for each round and Zach is convinced it made a difference.  Whether or not it did, I don't know, but Jimmy won the next two races and came out the champ.
 He was excited but also embarrassed to be too excited so we were lucky to get this picture of him smiling...
 It was all pretty intense and sort of hilarious.  Zach embarrassed me a few times, but he was also pretty cute for being so excited.  I guess he was living out a childhood dream.  
 I am so proud of both my winners...

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