Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a superhero 7th birthday

Jimmy was begging for a birthday party with friends from school this year, so I decided to let him have his own party (as in not shared with Gus).  He knows this will not be an every year event.   This is partly because I can't handle/afford to do it every year with every kid and also because I think it makes it more special for them when it does happen.  Since we were already doing the Avengers for Halloween we decided Superheroes was going to be the theme this year.
We managed to do the whole party on a very small budget.  I spent a total of $1 on the party games because I managed to borrow or find everything we used (and it was the hit of the party).  We made a photo booth with all recycled/reused materials.  My dad made the Boom, Zap, Pow signs as his gift to Jimmy. I was pretty excited about the vintage comics I found at a local comic store that only cost $1 for a 2-pack.  All the kids got to take one home and my boys were happy to keep all the extra ones.  Jimmy has always been a good helper when it comes to this sort of thing, but this year he was old enough to actually do things without my help. He made invitations for all his friends himself.   He was allowed to have his cousins and second cousins and pick three friends from school.  (I for one think it is crazy when people invite and entire class to a party and don't understand how some people afford it).  I was thankful for 8 boys at this party because everything I bought came in 8-packs. Jimmy also helped me make the party bags, the superhero lollipops, the photo booth buildings, and the cake.  It always becomes more work than I intend, but at least I had a helper who was really excited about it all.
This year his birthday fell on a Saturday so he got the have the party on the real day.  That morning we woke up for family presents.  He got a Future Planet Playmobil that he and his brother were both pretty excited about.
That morning he had a basketball game.  
It was pretty awesome because he made two shots which was his best so far in the season. 
After we got home, he was a diligent worker helping get everything set up.
Then he had to patiently wait until the evening.
When friends finally showed up, we started with a craft.
Inspired by Gus and his "frozen pizza cardboard Captain America shield," all the boys made a shield of their own design.

Then it was time for the big Superhero Games!
The biggest event was the relay race.  Here is how it went...

1. Get a cape on your partner:

2. Throw your  "Iron Man Electricity" into one of the holes:

3. Make your way through Spiderman's tangled webs:

4. Use Captain America's Shield to knock down the buildings:

5. Race down the pathway in your "Batmobil":

6. Smash an ice cream cone with the Hulk's hands:

7. Shoot Loki with a squirt gun:
Jimmy was pretty excited that he and his partner won this event.
Then the boys all just attacked Loki for awhile...
Next we had a good old fashioned Tug-a-War..
After the official matches, even the adults got in on the fun...
Then the boys just kept wanting to have more rematches...
When it came down to the last two teams, the final game was a Wheelbarrow Race...
This team of second cousins came out the victors...
Then it was time for pizza...
And then the superman cake (which was actually brownies because they are just so much better)...
Man, he is getting too big.
Then we all had some fun in the photo booth...
There may have been a few costume changes as well...
So glad he still loves dressing up and being goofy. 
We love you Jimbo!


  1. Mary, you're the best. This makes me tired looking at it. But maybe that's because I'm 40+ weeks pregnant.

  2. You're one of the coolest moms ever!