Friday, June 13, 2014

crafts with a three year old

Gus has been doing really well with his letters and numbers and all his age appropriate learning.  We play school frequently, but I rarely have the energy for crafts with him during our lazy at home days.  Having a baby that just wants to grab everything makes it tricky, but we do our best.  I have managed a couple so far this year.  Basically, I love things that require very little planning, effort, or money.  I also love to find things that don't involve too much participation by mom.  Not that I don't like doing the crafts.  In fact, I tend to be the parent that takes over and finishes stuff while my kids have run off.  If it is something that they have to see through to the end, then all the better.  It should be for them, not me.  Here is an easy Cheerio Bird-feeder made of cheerios that I found on Pinterest:
Gus was so excited to hang this in our tree and my first thought was that I was actually inviting unwanted creatures to my yard.  
I don't think anything every ate it, much to Gus' disapproval. 
I am a bit of a cardboard hoarder, especially when it comes to toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  When I can find a good reason to purge them, it makes me very happy. This snake craft used a whopping six, but we made some other random animals as well. 
This required a bit more help from mom, but he did all the painting and helped me connect them with the pipe cleaners.  He also glued the eyes and tongue.
The only problem with these cute little crafts is that then your kids love them so much that they want to keep them forever.  How do you sneak these things in the trash without them every finding out?  Seriously, I am asking for advice.  My kids remember everything.

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