Saturday, May 31, 2014

easter sunday 2014

It is always fun to wake up on Easter and run outside.
The Easter Bunny leaves us a message to remind us of the real reason for the season.
First the boys do a thorough examination of their baskets...
They found that the carrots they left for the Easter Bunny were mostly gone.
Then time for the hunt...
We always stop to find that our tomb is empty.
Then they carefully sort all the candy.
I think Nora felt a little cheated by the whole thing.
The boys put their water guns right to use.
Next we were off to church.  We actually made it early and had no problem getting a seat, which is like a Easter min-miracle in itself.  I think the boys were both a little tired and Gus has been going to Atrium and is a little out of practice for mass, but all in all they were good.  They were ready to run around a bit afterwords.  I couldn't get Gus and Kolbe to slow down for a picture, but I did get one of Jimmy and Lucia that I can save for if they get married someday.  I am pretty sure she is already planning it.
Back at home we managed to get a perfect family photo...
But let's be honest, none of them actually turned out with everyone smiling so my dad photoshopped the one above.  Nice right?
Most of the other ones looked more along the lines of this....
Some of the kids were happy to pose for pictures...
And some were not...
Nora did not know what all that was about.
She was a happy little baby in her cute little dress that I never want her to grow out of.
After a nice brunch with our friends we all had some good naps.  In the evening we video chatted with Nano and Nana in Hawaii and Aunt Angie in California.  We wanted them all to be there to tell the kids they were going to Disneyland!  I made a little scavenger hunt with Easter Eggs.  All the clues were somehow related to Disney things.  The eggs were hidden near Disney movies, cups, and stuffed animals, etc, but the boys weren't seeing the theme.  Finally it said that Nano was going to give the last clue.  He showed them a Disney card and told them that when we were in California for Angie's Graduation that we were all going to a special park where Mickey lives.  Jimmy said, "Disneyland?" and Gus jumped for joy.  I made a video, but I don't have pictures of it all.  It was so fun telling them and they are obviously thrilled.  Then they just had to wait for a whole month of torture before they actually got to go.  When Gus realized we weren't leaving right that minute he actually cried.
 I also just had to get Nora into this cute little outfit for a few pictures.  Again, I hope she never grows out of it.  So stop getting bigger little baby!
It was blessed day to remember our Lord.


  1. Love this!! The supernatural Easter Bunny, the resurrection playmobile and the beautiful lovely family! Love it all!

  2. I love that in the squirt gun picture, Jimmy is squirting Gus and Gus is squirting it into his own mouth! Awesome. Oh, and Nora is adorable, as usual :)

  3. I think I prefer the candid family picture! Such a beautiful post, Mary! And such beautiful memories you're preserving somewhere in the interwebs.