Friday, June 14, 2013

nano days

When Nano has a conference or work related reason to head east from Hawaii, he tries to make a point to stop in Phoenix for at least a day.  In May, we got the privilege of a few days.  When grandparents are in town, the boys usually count on getting a special breakfast.  As Jimmy says, "Nana makes fat pancakes, and Nano makes thin ones."  Nano's are known as Bunyas and we usually put cinnamon or powdered sugar inside with butter.  This time we had some Nutella on hand as well so they were extra delicious.
Nutella mustache:
We had a nice time in the park playing with our dragon kite, frisbee, and airplanes.
Then we finally took Nano to Pizzeria Bianco.  I can't believe he has been to Phoenix so many times and we hadn't made it there yet. 
We always love having a Nano visit.  It is hard to say goodbye, but the boys took some consolation in the fact that Nana was coming shortly thereafter.

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