Thursday, June 13, 2013

kersting kiddos

This past semester I took on an extra babysitting job to help out my friend Angela who was going back to teaching part-time.  Mon-Thurs. I had a house of five kids every afternoon.  I am not going to lie and say how great the kids were all the time, but ultimately, my kids loved getting to have their friends over everyday.
Jimmy and Lucia pretty much fight like brother and sister... but that just means they love each other, right?
However, some days they would play so well together. For example, the day they made this zoo set-up they were so very proud of:
Looking at books together was another past time that usually involved little fighting.
And then there is Gus and Kolbe.
Not that they don't frequently fight over who gets to hold which McQueen, but really they have much more of a love-love relationship.
And then we can't forget little Blaise.  My boys have grown to love him so much.  It has been good for them to have a baby around because it will help them adjust easier to the one that is coming to our house soon.  Jimmy has become super helpful with Blaise and loves holding him and playing with him.  He tells me, "Mom, I think I am going to be really good with the new baby."  I snicker a bit, but I actually agree.  Gus just says things like, "I love Blaisey because I love his smile."  Cuteness.
I think Gus went through withdrawals once they stopped coming every day, but we fortunately still see them a lot. Thanks goodness for good friends.

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