Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Jimmy started Preschool!  He has been wanting this for years.  I guess I was the one with the hold-ups.  I thought it would be good for him and help him adjust to going to school full time next year.  We are just doing two days a week for now and it is perfect.  The school is five minutes from our house and we have been very happy with it. I won't bore everyone with how much Jimmy's teachers love him and think he is brilliant, but they do.  We visited the classroom for an open house back in August, so I was able to get a few pictures without invading his space too much.  Zach got to help make a craft.
 Gus wanted to play with everything, too, of course.
 Jimmy's teachers gave him a balloon and some other special presents that he was very excited about.  Mom made him a sign for the back of his chair on his first day.  He told me I should have drawn a marker, so he insisted on adding it himself.
 He was very excited to finally use his Lightening McQueen backpack for school.
 He hung up his backpack and was reluctantly persuaded to take a picture with his teacher.
And now for the cliche: I can't believe how big he has gotten.
I think this is a good adjustment time for me too.  I will admit, I wasn't the weeping mother on this first day.  I was just really excited for him.  Does it sound like I am a terrible mother if I say I was sort of happy to see him go?  I think if it was full time, I would be sadder because I would miss my little playmate, but I think having at least six hours a week apart from one another will help make our time together better.  Gus was sad to see Jimmy go though. When we got back home, I think he thought we forgot his brother and started crying and saying, "I need Jimmy!"  He has since gotten used to it and we are enjoying our one on one time.


  1. That is a great thing about school. My kids are so excited to see each other when school gets out. It's as if everyday is some gigantic reunion. And I love how they are truly interested in what the others did that day!

  2. I love that he insisted on drawing a marker. It's much more grown up than a crayon.