Sunday, October 21, 2012

california here we come!

...That is what Mack says in the movie Cars so it is what we said when we left for our California trip.  They also say it in the Phantom Planet song "California" which Gus now sings along to since I put it on a road trip cd Jimmy and I made.  The first song on the cd is, of course, "Life is a Highway" which surprisingly wasn't in my car until now.  I may come to regret that since it is requested quite frequently.  Well, the cd did help keep the kids happy in the car.  We left when Zach got home from school on a Friday at the start of his Fall Break.  They both slept for about half the ride.  Zach and I enjoyed the beautiful Arizona sunset.
 Our gas tank ran low around Quartzite, AZ.  So we were pretty much forced to stop there for dinner.  We chose Burger King over McDonalds and Carl's Jr., and I think we made the right choice since it had all sorts of fun schtick like this big covered wagon:
The inside was also a convenient store that had these fun rides that our kids "rode" on... because a quarter is just too much money for us.
 We spent the night in LA with Aunt Angie and woke up early to drive to Carlsbad.
We were all pretty pumped for our next stop: Legoland!

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