Thursday, September 15, 2011

mimi's birthday

Our very dear Mimi had a big birthday this year. Of course, she didn't want a big party or anything, but Johnny wanted to do something for her.  He knew the only thing she would really want for her birthday is some special time with all her favorite kids.  We all surprised her one night at the Adobe at the Biltmore.
 Johnny had present for each of the kids to give Mimi, but of course, they were actually presents for the kids.
 Lucy was ecstatic to have her very own pink golf club and balls.
(Good work Johnny)
After dinner we all spent some time playing out on the putting green and the kids had tons of fun.
Even Gus was all about it.
 Of course, he needed a little help.
 And mostly he just did this:
 Of course, we do have an expert teacher in Johnny.
 Then at the end of the evening the sprinklers came on, but that didn't stop any of the kids (including Mimi) from playing.  They all got soaked.
 Thank you Johnny for a wonderful evening and Happy Birthday to Mimi!

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