Sunday, September 18, 2011

golfing at palo verde

We have been on a golf kick lately.  I guess we have to get it in now before all the courses jack up their prices for the winter.  We live a close walk away from a city golf course called Palo Verde.  Zach has taken advantage of this a few times, but recently we all went for a little Saturday walk so that Jimmy could practice his swing, as well. 
 He also loved having someplace to ride his trike to.
 Of course, he only has plastic clubs for now, but he loved it.  
 He would try to cheat sometimes though, so Dad had to try to teach him how to swing and not just scoot the ball right into the whole.
Sometimes the look like clones 
(Jimmy just needed to wear his monkey shirt too).
 Gus, practiced from inside the stoller.  I think he was just trying to get his head in the game before he exerted any energy.
It was super hot so we only played for about 20 minutes, but that was the perfect time to allow before Jimmy probably would have lost interest anyway.  However, I do see more trips here in the future.


  1. The "clone" picture is awesome!! Was it staged, or serendipity?