Thursday, December 30, 2010

welcome kolbe kersting

Way back in November, our good friends the Kerstings had a baby boy two weeks after Gus so we have already decided that we will force them to be the best of friends.  Their dads have also decided that they will compete with each other in every way possible starting with "who came out of mom faster."  Kolbe won that one since his his mom almost didn't make it to the hospital, but I won't go into all the details of that here.  The day after Kolbe was born we watched Lucia for the day while mom and dad finished up at the hospital.  We fed here Bacon like any good parents should.
Then we took a walk down to Central Ave to watch the end of the Veteran's Day Parade.  The kiddos were entertained for a little while and it was a beautiful day.  
At least there were lots of cool Fire Trucks.

 That night we brought over some pizza and got to meet the cute little guy.

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