Saturday, December 11, 2010

we have a three year old?

How does time go so fast?  It seems cliche to say, "Oh, it was only yesterday!" but alas my life has become cliche.  I mean yesterday is an exaggeration, but Jimmy's birth just doesn't seem that long ago.  He looks huge now next to his tiny little brother.  I made sure not to neglect his birthday because of the new arrival, so the spoiled little kid kind of got two parties.  He now refers to the first one as "the cupcake party" and this one as "the cake party."  
Nana bought him some things to decorate his cake and Zach just let him go to town.
Zach wrote whatever Jimmy told him and this is how it turned out.
You probably can't tell but it actually says dinosaurs under the dinosaurs. And he insisted laying the soldiers flat on the cake which I had to laugh at since it made them look dead.  Maybe they got trampled by dinosaurs.
Of course, Gus wasn't completely out of the spotlight.
(He changes his clothes a lot)

This was the day he finally got to open his presents of which there were many.
Aunt Michelle got this Pinocchio puppet for him in Europe (and a cool t-shirt to match).
Mimi and Johnny gave him Toy Story Duplos and, of course, anything Toy Story is a hit right now.  
Nana gave him Toy Story 3 and he must have watched it with her 10 times in three weeks she was here.
And Mom and Dad got him "The whale like Finn has" that he has been asking for since Finn's birthday.
(He asked me to set it up exactly like the picture on the box.  This was the best I could do.)
And we are still yet to get a family picture suitable for me to make a new blog header 
(I would have said "to make a Christmas Card," but who am I kidding.)
Happy Birthday Jimbo!... a month ago now.

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