Sunday, November 21, 2010

pumpkin carving birthday party

I know I was crazy and everyone else agreed, but I am still glad I did it.  Less than a week after, I gave birth I had people over to my house for a little celebration for Jimmy's third birthday.  Part of it was because I really wanted to make a point to not neglect Jimbo's birthday in the chaos of bringing a new person into our household (especially since a lot of his future birthdays may end up being shared).  Even though I was planning on having something on his actual birthday, it seemed like a good idea to have people over the Saturday before Halloween so that the kids could dress up in costumes and we could carve our neglected pumpkins.  Also, my sister Erin was in town and I wanted to be able to celebrate with her (Oh, and I wanted to show off Gus a little too).  Jimmy dressed up like Woody because my friend Rheannon had given me an extra costume to use as back-up in case I didn't finish making his actual Halloween costume (more on that later).  We borrowed a hat and boots from the Burches (so don't worry Aunts Nat and Angie--he still needs his own cowboy hat).  He, of course, looked adorable, but then again I am biased.
The dad's ran the Pumpkin Carving on the porch.  
The kids were all entertained by it for a few minutes at least and then the guys spent lots of time perfecting theirs while the kids ran around in the yard.
Jimmy and Lucy designed this pumpkin together and then Baabee helped them carve it.
Right after this picture Jimmy threw it on the ground and it lost a tooth and got a big crack in it.
I guess he thought we were all done with it.
Lucia sported this cute tutu.  I think she also won the prize for keeping her costume on the longest.
And we had a lot of junk food.
The Tabers (and Gus)
Gus with Michael and Mary McMahon
Finn helped frost the cupcakes
Jimmy just licked all the frosting off and was done.
Later that night we lit our pumpkins.
 Jimmy's wounded pumpkin looked like it had a big creepy scar.
(Plus, I love the way the stringy stuff inside makes it look extra scary)
I got a lot of blurry pictures because Jimmy wouldn't hold still, but I kind of like this one because it looks ghostly.  However, it also kind of scares me.
We tried to recreate this picture from last year, but Mickey didn't quite have the same effect. 
(and neither does the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus in the background)
And then I actually got to be in one, too, for a change.


  1. I like that you serve Shiner at your birthday parties. You can take the UD grads out of Texas...

  2. How stinkin' cute is your family! Jimmy is such a handsome little man! What a wonder woman you are for hosting, but hey that's what moms do. Congrats on your bundle of cutiness!