Friday, March 19, 2010

ireland in phoenix

The Burches had their annual St. Patty's Day Block Party on Calle Redonda once again and as always it was a grand old time that would have made my Irish grandparents proud (However, my grandma probably would have requested "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" instead of the Pogues). My dad and Pete re-painted the pub walls and added a lot of new additions to the inside. It just keeps getting more impressive every year. The name of the pub in Gaelic is the "The Little Bridge" and it was modeled after a real pub in Dingle.

The Bartenders

They added a "Snug" in the storage room (which is like a tiny booth in its own room) just like in the pubs in Ireland.

There was Corned Beef and Corn Hole...

Cute kids...

And old friends.

And Emily's creative contribution: The photo wall.

Kind of disturbing, but by far the funniest picture:

My little Irishman

Oh, and lots of darts too.

Good Night and May the Luck of the Irish be with you!

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  1. Mary, Jimmy with the pipe in the photo wall is so cute.