Sunday, March 7, 2010

big boy bed

Just another plug for Ikea, but that is where we got Jimmy's first real bed and I must give them credit. He is very excited about it, but I must say I am too. Not only does this bed have drawers in the bottom, but the bottom also slides out to make it into a king size bed (this description does not probably explain this because I didn't understand until I saw it happen). I was debating between a bed with drawers or one with a trundle so this bed was the best of both worlds. But enough about the practical reasons that I like it, Jimmy is very excited to have his own bed "big boy bed" to jump on and play in and sometimes sleep in. The only downside to this is that now I lay with him at night and immediately fall asleep...Ikea mattresses are also surprisingly comfortable.
His first night in the bed.
As for the rest of decorating Jimmy's room, it is still a work in progress, but it is closer than most of the other rooms in our house. The plan is to paint it green, which Jimmy is excited about, but I just need to stop debating about which shade is perfect and just go get it done. I did hang up a map of Disneyland that he loves to look at and Zach's Monkey collection has found a nice home on on old curtain rod.
I also got these shelves at Ikea and love them as well.


  1. What a nice big room! So much space to play1

  2. Booya, big boy bed! My first big boy bed also had drawers in the bottom. My mom loved them for storing sweaters, I loved them for getting in and standing on. Not that jimmy would ever do such a thing, but you might want to invest in some wood glue. :)