Friday, November 13, 2009

a peter pancake party

Jimmy's birthday was a little more low-key this year.... or should a say last minute and not well planned. (Planning something the day after Halloween is tough... but I will not let that be an excuse!) Since we already had the whole Peter Pan thing going on we went with that. We had tones of cute ideas for games and crafts, but they pretty much all fell by the wayside. However, Emily still had Jack's really old Peter Pan costume that Jimmy fit in so he wore that and Lucy was only too happy to get back in her Tinker Bell costume. Jimmy had been loving being Peter Pan seeing as the first time I tried it on him he wore it around Emily's house all night and then he wore at the Kersting Halloween Party on Friday. On his actual birthday, he wore it for about 15 minutes and insisted on taking it off before I could get any good pictures. Shucks. (Should I force him back into it and pretend the pictures are from his baptism?... I mean birthday.... I didn't do that for his baptism or anything.) I did get one with the hat on so I didn't totally fail. The first thing Jimmy told me when he woke up was that he wanted to go play with Finn and then he specified that he wanted to play with the pirate ships with Finn. This was a pretty good idea on his part if you ask me because we loaded up all the Playmobile Pirates and took them to Em's so the kids could set up Peter Pan toys at the Peter Pan Party. We were having a morning party, so we thought it would be fun to make pancakes seeing as Jimmy loves them and it was a cute little play Peter Pan's name. We were going to therefore not have a real cake, but instead put birthday candle on pancakes until I felt to guilty not giving the kid a real cake. To Jimmy, cakes pretty much the culmination of birthdays. At the park we pretend to make cakes out of sand and blow out stick candles after singing Happy Birthday. He pretty much thinks it is the best thing ever, and when I told him about his birthday coming up all he would ask about was getting cake. So we decided to do cake after eating pankcakes. The kids had no problem with this, and hence they were the only ones that ate any of it. We decorated it with Peter Pan toys lying around at Em's house, but Jimmy thought it was great and he talked about it more than his presents. He did get some pretty cool new toys and clothes though. Thanks to everyone who came and who sent gifts. (I will try to get real thank you notes out soon, I swear!). I can't believe Jimmy is 2!!!!

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