Friday, November 13, 2009

my play

Here are some pictures from my most recent theatrical endeavor, Dear Brutus. Of course there were things I would do differently if I could do it again, but all in all I was happy with it, and it was a good first time experience at CGCC. Hopefully, I will get more chances. These are the pictures I took myself so they aren't great, but people told me they wanted to see them so take a gander. I will add more pictures to this post when I finally get the "good ones" from the school secretary, but I was just anxious to post Halloween pics and being the crazy person I am, I don't like things to be out of order. None of the pictures were really up to my standards, but what can I do? The lighting is so off and the quality if awful. I mean, the set was far from perfect, but it looked better than this.

The five ladies harass Matey, the butler, to get find out Lob's secret.

Mable catches Joanna and Jack together.

Lob tells about the mysterious wood.

Here is my set model for the Act 2: The Wood.
(I never really finalized my Act 1 model so I am not posting pictures of it)

The real set for Act 2

Matey and Lady Caroline in the wood.

Mr. Coade wanders with his whistle while Joanna is in search of her husband.

Joanna catches Mabel and Jack together.

Dearth and his "might-have-been" daughter, Margaret.

Everyone in the wood.

Joanna, Jack, and Mabel come back to reality.

Everyone comes back to reality.