Tuesday, October 3, 2017

holy week 2017

Holy Thursday
 We kept up our tradition of making resurrection rolls with friends including the reenactments of the story.
 Always delicious and always fun!
 We made our unleavened bread...
And Zach insisted on getting a real lamb this year for our Last Supper.
Good Friday
 The Aunties Arrived!  Good things the kids see some adults actually exercising...
 At noon we went to Mount Claret to do the outdoor Stations of the Cross.
 In the morning we had spent time making our Resurrection Garden so we put Jesus in and closed it up at 3:00 that afternoon.
 That afternoon we relaxed and enjoyed being together.  Aunt Angie had fun doing both the girls' hair.
Holy Saturday 
We had our cousins the Taylors arrive from Wisconsin on Saturday morning.
The boys and Aunts went and met them at Camelback Mountain for a big hike to the top.
 The Aunts gave up, but all the kids made it!
 That afternoon the kids all had fun decorating eggs together.
Francie got lots of attention (not that she is ever lacking in it)...
 That night the Taylors wanted more than anything to go back to Pizzeria Bianco and relive our infamous "night of gluttony" as Jess likes to refer to the last time we took them there.  I didn't know if we could do it with all the kids, but we managed.  We didn't gorge ourselves as much this time, but we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves.
It was a fun filled day to prepare us for the most blessed day of the year.

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