Wednesday, June 21, 2017

thanksgiving 2016

Our Thanksgiving celebrations began with Gus' kindergarten Pilgrim and Indian Feast.
The younger siblings were happy tag along and get lots of goodies, too...
On Thanksgiving morning we went over to Mimi and Johnny's house to have breakfast and watch the parade, but the kids had way more fun having a ball war in the playroom with Mimi and Johnny...
 We sure love them and were so glad we got to spend the morning with them especially since the rest of the day was just our nuclear family.
One of the things I was thankful for that morning was getting family portrait of all of us.

Then we headed back to our house to start our turkey.

Zach decided he really wanted to grill it this year.

The kids loved helping with all the preparations. Green bean casserole is their favorite.
While we missed not having any family in town this year, it did make for a pretty relaxing day.
We had lots of time to hang out and play sports in the beautiful November weather.
Look at that Turkey!  
(Secret: It wasn't actually cooked all the way. Don't tell)
We managed to get Francie into the pumpkin onesie and compare her size to the turkey just like we did with all her siblings...
Then we had quite a feast with enough food for the next week.
The next day we all made it out to Moana.  I might have been the most excited about it.  I didn't think I would be able to go, but the kids really wanted me to so I just decided I would try and see how Francie did.  She ended up sleeping the whole time!  What a perfect baby!  She knows how to please her Mama.  I sure loved this movie!  One of the best Disney ones in a long time.  We love the soundtrack and play it in our house all the time.
It took me a little while to gather all the old Thanksgiving Turkey pics but finally I got them all photoshopped together.  
I have to say I am pretty proud we made this happen four times.  
Francie might win for looking the most like the turkey.

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