Wednesday, March 22, 2017

gus' 6th birthday

On Oct. 24, 2016 Gus turned 6!!
 He woke up as excited as ever.  We didn't even need to coax him out of bed like we usually do.
He was excited to go open his present from Mom and Dad and eat his requested "snowman pancakes."
He was excited to be the special birthday boy at school and celebrate a mutual birthday with his assistant teacher (and favorite person in the whole school), Mrs. Paluch.  She had even gotten him some extra special birthday treats and he brought her some handpicked flowers.
 Later that day Mimi came over with Dot to bring him yet another Star Wars Lego.
 For his birthday dinner he requested going to Baabee's house for steak, mac'n'cheese, and peas. 
Baabee had made this dinner on another night and Gus had devoured it so he wanted to relive that wonderful night.  Baabee happily obliged.  Nana was also in town so we all headed over to Baabee's that night.  Gus happily opened a few more presents.
 Baabee even made him a special Star Wars poster...
 He requested brownies with skittles on top which is a weird flavor combination but I did it for him anyway.  It was easy to I will take it.
 We played his new game Enchanted Forest for awhile before it was time to go home.
Before we left, Gus and Baabee tested how strong the Force was with them....
Happy Birthday to our little Jedi!

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