Saturday, November 14, 2015

back to school and other things

Mid-August means back to school for Jimmy and time for Mom to figure out how to keep my other kids happy without him. 
 Jimmy thrives in school and gets a little stir crazy in the summer so he is always ready to go back.
Gus is super anxious to start school, but I am not ready to let him go/willing to pay for it. 
So it is extra hard for Gus to lose his playmate when he wishes he could go, too.  Good thing Nora is finally big enough to start becoming his buddy.
 I decided to set up another homeschool preschool day once a week with some friends.  Since I had already done the ABC's last year with Gus I wanted to do something else.  We started with a simple intro day having them practice ABCs and play with Playdoh, then we signed up for a free preschool class through Parks and Rec that had three classes.  It was mostly just a storytime, but the kids got a t-shirt, a book, and a puppet so they loved it.  Next we plan to do a Bible story each week.  More to come on that.  
We also find many ways to keep ourselves entertained at home by ourselves as well.  
Gus loves coloring so much lately and will spend lots of time putting great detail into his pictures.  
He is also happy to to workbook pages (because he can earn iPad time that way; let's be honest).
Nora is always happy to tag along with whatever project Gus suggests.
 To help make up for no preschool yet, I signed up Gus and his buddies for Karate.
They all loved it.  We may have to do it again.
All these activities I have planned are keeping us busy, but also making me tired.
Thank goodness I still have one kid who enjoys a good nap....

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