Wednesday, September 2, 2015

may happiness

Amid a lot of sad things that happened for us in May, we managed to have some good times as well. 
I am going to dedicate this post to only those things.
We got to go to a fun Mickey birthday party for two friends...
 We celebrated May the Forth with some dress up..
May the Forth Be With You.
We watched the Princess Bride for the first time and the kids were all pretty much enthralled..
 Gus thought he was going to like Wesley the best, but by the end he realized that Inigo Montoya was the coolest.  Jimmy actually got to dress up like a good guy this time (he is usually a good sport about being the bad guys since Gus refuses to ever be a bad guy).
 Princess Buttercup hung out at the sword fight for awhile like a good sport, but then she opted for a tea party in her room with all her babies...
 We went to the May Crowing at our church...
I thought that Mass would count as having a productive day, but Gus insisted on a craft.
We made cardboard crowns on our porch on a nice rainy day...
Nora decorated hers with stickers of Mary and flowers.  
Gus modeled his after Edmund from the Chronicles of Narnia, but made it green instead of silver.
(They are modeling them a nice sunny day when they were finished)
We got some good Dot and Nora time in while the boys were off golfing with Dad one morning...
 We had a visit from Aunt Nat...
 And who wouldn't be happy about that?
Perhaps most exciting of all we got a new cousin!
My sister, Erin, and her husband, Gene, had their first baby.  We sure love baby Helen!
 Thank you God for all our blessings!

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