Monday, December 1, 2014

lightening mcqueen box car derby cars

Jimmy was very excited to start Cub Scouts this year.  The first event of the year is the Box Car Derby where the boys are supposed to make a cardboard car and then have a race around the gym at the Cub-anapolis.  Gus wishes he could be a Cub Scout already, too, so we let him make a car as well.
They both wanted to make Lightening McQueens.
And they worked very diligently.
Gus had a little help from Mom, but he was very proud of his car as he raced it around the house.
Jimmy did pretty much every element of his by himself (he insisted his did not have a face).  He wanted straps so I made those out of duct tape.  Unfortunately, he did so well on it that no one thought he did it himself.
He was excited to win his first race and make it to the finals.
Dad and Gus were his pit crew who had to spray his face with water to "clean his windshield" and take off his shoe, turn his sock inside out, and put them both back on to "change his tires."  Dad said the shoe was make or break.  The first race Dad got it on and off in a flash and in the final race it wouldn't go back on easily.   Next year, Dad will probably practice ahead of time so he has it mastered.   All of my boys are pretty competitive.
He came in third but didn't mind at all.  He had lots of fun.
He was worn out by the end, but there was pizza with friends.
Jimmy is lucky to have lots of good first grade boys in his den.
As soon as this event was finished Jimmy was asking to start his Pinewood Derby car.
There is always something to work on around our house.
More to come on that.

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  1. I love this. I see he opted to have the tires hang over the edge of the box so they look more official. Brave move, Jimmy.