Monday, November 17, 2014

when jimmy goes to school

Well, Jimmy was off to the first grade this year.  
We are always sad about how much we miss him, but he was ready to go start another year.
In order to not miss him too much, we find ways to entertain ourselves.
Mostly, this means playing lots of dress up.
Yes, as you might have guessed that was Young Hercules, Prince Edward from Enchanted, Iron Man, and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Not, in fact, The Karate Kid).  But let's not forget these other random characters little peasant mother, the Iron Lady,  Queen Amidala or possible Elsa (you would have to ask Gus), and Cubby the lovable chubby kid with a map from Jake and the Neverland Pirates...
And there is no dress-up in this one, but I just love this picture of Nora despite the dirt and snot on her face.
Then we occasionally go to the park and that sort of thing, too.
 And like any good mother, I make sure my children have very scheduled naps...
When Jimmy does come home, Gus and Nora are so happy to have him home and have their playmate back (especially Gus).  
But like the good student he is, he spends lots of time doing his homework and reading as much as he can.

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