Sunday, February 17, 2013

christmas 2012

**Sorry to still be posting about Christmas during Lent, but at least I am attempting to keep up the blog.**

Santa made it to our house this year and he left behind some cookie crumbs as evidence.
He also left a lot of toys.
 The littles were pretty excited to come out and play
Santa came through with dinosaur legos for Jimmy and a circus train for Gus.
 Flying McQueen and Mater were later discovered under the stockings.
 Many presents were opened and many thanks were given.
 Nana got a special custom designed ring with all her children's birth stones.
And Nano got new binoculars.
 The boys got some new things to add to the Cars collection from Mom and Dad.
 Then Baabee, Aunt Erin, and Uncle Danny showed up with a Playmobil castle!
 Believe it or not there was actually a whole additional big box with more pieces.  They were ours growing up and they have lived at my dad's house not getting used enough so he decided it was time they got distributed amongst the grandkids. My boys didn't even know the castle existed so it was quite a surprise.
It didn't take Jimmy long to get building on his Lego pterodactyl. 
 And if all that weren't enough when the boys went out front, they found new bikes from Nano and Nana.
Aunt Angie took some turns as well, but she did get shot at with an airplane.
 We also tested out the remote control helicopter from Nat and Angie.
Then we took some time for some cute family pictures.
 After that it was pretty much time to just relax for awhile and choose between either playing Settlers of Catan or watching A Muppet Christmas Carol
(Note mostly for Natalie:  The DVD verstion of A Muppet Christmas Carol is in fact missing the song that nostril girl sings... we weren't going crazy and we didn't fall asleep and miss it).
Post naptime, we headed over to the Burch house to see how their Christmas had been going.
Gus got a cool racetrack set from his Godparents and Finn and Jimmy were more than happy to help him play with it.
Jack and Lucy were busy building new Lego sets with the help of their new headlamps. 
 While we put off the "Big Meal" until the day after Christmas, there somehow managed to be quite a spread of deliciousness.
 The grown-ups got to hang out by the fire and play trivia.  
All and all it was an amazing Christmas.

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