Wednesday, January 30, 2013

baabee's tree and party

Since we go to Home Depot to get our Christmas tree, we feel lucky that my Dad loves going to a local nursery called Whitfill's where we can get more in the spirit.  Santa was actually there on the weekends this year and we just caught him on his way out as we were coming in.  He was kind and jolly, of course, and gave the kids candy canes.  They also have cocoa and cookies and lots of decorations.
The trees were slim pickins this year since it was getting a little close to the big day, but we found a good huge one just like my dad always wants.
Gus was excited about a digger full of tree branches and a giant reindeer (Rudolph to him).
We went back to Dad's house to trim the tree and eat pizza.  
Nano, Nana, Aunt Nat, Aunt Erin, and Uncle Danny had already arrived in town and Angie got in that night to complete the group.
On Christmas Eve Eve my Dad had his annual party with lots of delicious Mexican Food and good company.
It is always fun to have so many loved ones together.  We are blessed with a wonderful family.

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