Monday, December 10, 2012

jimmy's 5th birthday

Jimmy turned 5 this year on All Saint's Day.   As much as I would like to fully celebrate the holy day, it is hard to have the focus be on anything but Jimmy.  If he goes to Catholic school then perhaps he can get to dress up like a Saint on his birthday, but this year he didn't even go to Mass with me since he was at school (he fights going to church enough on Sunday, so on his birthday would probably have been a pretty hard sell).  Some day he will have to learn that Mass is just part of his special day, but I am not ready to push it just yet.  Despite a late Halloween the night before Jimmy woke up bright and early, ready to open his one morning present. Gus wasn't awake yet, but we had to get it in before Dad went to work.
Needless to say, Dad picked this one out
(after too much time and money spent on eBay.)
Forget the requested Frech Toast I had made,  Jimmy was so excited he begged to go to his room and begin it as soon as possible.  
It was pretty hard for Jimmy to say goodbye to his Lego-building to go to school, but I was glad he opted for going since they had prepared a special celebration just for him.  They had all signed a poster for him.  He got a crown, a balloon, and a gift to take home. 
We brought some little cinnamon rolls to share as a treat, and even Gus got to join in the fun.
The class sang "Happy Birthday" in English and Italian and it was all very cute. 
Jimmy felt very special.
After a day of more Lego-building, Jimmy finally finished (without Dad's help) and was very proud.
We also Skyped with Uncle Danny who gave Jimmy this:
Again, Jimmy was pretty thrilled.
That evening he was so excited to have his cousins over for more celebrating...
... and more Legos.
His cousins were excited to give him a set with R2D2 in it.
These two cute little buddies were excited to get building right away.
It also wouldn't be a birthday party without Mimi and Johnny, who gave Jimmy a Lego set to go with his big rocket.
It was a chill evening of hanging out and enjoying baby Dot:
My husband loves making babies smile.
Our "Cake" was some brownies with dinosaur cookies on top.
Another attempt at a family picture:
The cousins one turned out pretty cute, though:
Zach tried to recreate the picture on the wall from when Jimmy was born.
Look at that little baby on the wall.  As cliche as it sounds, I can't believe he is so big now. 
We love you, Jimbo!


  1. I am in total denial that Jimmy is 5! It's just not possible!

  2. He is just precious!!! What a sweetheart.

  3. so cute! had to add that baby dot must really love her uncle zach because she smiles for him more than she does for almost anyone else, outside our immediate little family. and you should crop that cousins picture down to the three in the middle... those two on the ends look crazy!

  4. How sweet. You tabers know how to party. I hope we get to join forces this summer.

  5. OH don't know me but I follow your blog often. I am always impressed with your and your relatives creativity. I have a large family of my own and am old enough to be your Mom. No creeper stalker here, just an admirer. You are welcome to visit my blog anytime. I've been on a chosen and then forced hiatus for a bit...chosen when I found I was spending too much time in blogland rather than the homeland, and then forced when the computer crashed.
    Happy Birthday to all~