Monday, March 12, 2012

first t-ball game

Jimmy just started playing t-ball with the St. Francis-Xavier Athletic Association.  He is on the Blue Jays and is very excited.  We managed to get on the same team as some of our good friends just to make it a little more fun.  He did great at his first practice:
Here are Leah, Pierce, and Jimmy at their first game:
Baabee came to be a spectator and help chase Gus around the field.
(Ball is one of his favorite words lately, and he very much wants to throw them onto the field)
Jimmy has actually done really well.  He hits the ball on the first swing almost every time.
Here are his buddies taking a few swings, too:
Jimmy also runs the bases like a champ.
He hasn't run to the wrong base once, which is more than I can say for some kids.
Fielding is a little bit trickier for all the kids since they all pretty much try to chase the ball and form a dog pile on top of it.  They are starting to get the hang of waiting until it comes their direction, and Jimmy has made some good plays throwing the ball to first base. 
I just had to include this picture below because, while it might look random, if you look closely you can see the laughter and goofy grins on the dads/coaches because the whole thing is pretty comical. 
( I also love Pierce's stretching moves.)
And of course, part of the fun is what you get to eat after the game is over.  
We have a whole season ahead of us, so let's hope it continues to go as well as it has so far.  

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  1. Well, that looks like great fun. I didn't know they played at 4. The Bluejays, hmmmm. Is Jimmy going to have competition for his favorite color?