Monday, June 4, 2012

cardboard car wash

Jimmy has been asking me to make a car wash for ages.  I finally did about a month ago and it has been a big hit with both boys particularly because we figured out how to make the spinners spin and wipers wipe.  We made it the perfect size for our Chevron cars, but then discovered some of our larger Disney Cars also fit.  The car wash may have been involved in a certain sprinkler attack, but fortunately it made it out with just a bit of warping.  Apparently, we can't use real water in it.  I am just not that ingenious.
Gus loves the spinners...
 but McQueen just might be his favorite thing in the world at the moment.
We have about 4 versions of him and Gus hoards them all.  I hear his name repeated many times a day.
Jimmy wanted to give the full demo with all his Disney Cars
Here he demonstrates the wipers on Mater.
Then it's McQueen's turn
Okay, I won't go through them all... not to say they didn't all get pictures.  I just need to limit myself somehow. 
Mack was the last to go through.  
I actually didn't design it to fit him so Jimmy was pretty excited when we discovered that he could make it through.
More summer cardboarding to come...


  1. This is so cute! Might be a good way to cure Sunniva's maniacal fear of the carwash.

  2. I got to see the car wash in person, and watch the boys turn the spinners. It is an awesome car wash. I didn't think the big red truck would fit!

  3. Nano, I tried to post the video of Jimmy giving you the demo, but Blogger was having no part of it so I gave up. I will show you someday.